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City Of Walnut Creek

Sound Report at Redgear Park


Introducing Pickle Noise Block

Our lab-tested sound barrier blanket offers maximum sound control and noise reduction using a combination of sound absorption and noise barrier PVC fabric material. Our sound proof blankets are modular in order to cover large areas effectively. These noise reducing curtains are waterproof, flame-retardant and tear-resistant. Picke Noise Block is the ultimate solution for Pickeball court sound mitigation.

Soundproof Blanket Essential Details

Warranty: 5 years

Color: Bue / Green

Material: PVC Fabric sound proof blanket

Characteristics: Waterproof, flame-retardant, Anti-aging,Tear-reisitance.

Weight: 7.5kgs/sqm

Thickness: 1-2cm

Size: 9ft height by 3 ft width

Eyelet: 6#Galvanized

Life: 8-10 Years

Certification: ROHS

Certifications and Testing Reports

Pickleball sound levels within 100 feet of courts will usually be around 70 dBa with no sound reduction efforts applied. This is as loud as freeway traffic sound.

Adding a 10 ft. high barrier can drop that dramatically.

With consideration for equipment and sound barriers, the level could be about 52 dBa, and may be an acceptable sound level in many neighborhoods. This means that barriers and distance are the most effective tools. It also means that sound levels can be predicted in advance of having complaints, so consider your location and work with your pickleball community to make the sport a welcome addition to your neighborhood.

Keep the game going

Maintain acceptable noise levels with

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